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Environment Protection By Teaming Up Business And Consumer

The best baby box


360° and all sides protection from accident pressing, hard object dropping, hot liquid spilling, pets attacking, and polluted air.


After reading from BBC News, we acknowledged that Finland has achieved one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates, by giving a baby box for each newborn baby in the country. This news is so encouraging and we really hope to spread out this good tradition from Finland, and bring it to all other countries, and hope to save as many babies’ lives as possible; additionally, we decided to improve and update the baby box, make it more suitable for today’s more challenging environment.

R3Box baby

invisible shield​

pullup locks to open

change diaper effortlessly without taking the baby out of the box

A baby box with smart design, answers all your concerns.
  • I may accidently crush or press baby after falling asleep.

  • My city is full of deadly smog. Is the air purifier big enough in my house?

  • My friends will come to watch my baby; surrounding, talking, coughing, and droplets are unavoidable.

  • I have a naughty cat. Will it jealousy and hurt my baby?

  • unlock and open flat as diaper changing mat.

  • much easier to take out the baby than the traditional baby box.

  • no sharp or small parts that may be harmful to the baby.

  • very easy to clean when open flat.

  • waterproof - no worry about diaper leaking. babies may be happier without wearing a diaper.

More R3BOX baby box advantages:

optional air purifier or fan

solar-powered & rechargeable

low fan speed for silent breeze

purify air much more effectively

extra external filter

easy replacement & double safety


Box body:

  • 5-ply corrugated EE flute

  • one side 300g paper with matt lamination

  • another side with Russia imported Kraft paper

  • both sides can be inward or outward

  • thickness 3.5mm

  • size: 66x40x22cm (~26x18x9")

Box cover:

  • 2mm food grade transparent PC plastic

  • size: 67x41x3cm (~26x18x1")

Box clips:

  • 1 box includes 4 clips (or locks)

  • standard food grade PP

  • optional bio-degradable PLA

  • size: 60x23x12mm (~2.5x1x0.5")

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