• Description:

    • Easy to mount and remove with just one hand.
    • A cup, a thermos, a water bottle, a soda can, or even one of those little cups you get on a plane.
    • It is a smart way to contain your cold drinks, mobile phones, small things that are scattered on your desk. Features a small hole on the bottom, which is convenient when using the USB cable to charge your phone.
    •  It's the perfect drink and snack caddy for every situation.
    • Tightly wound steel coil provides incredible tension to keep the tray stable on any desk, table, or edge even when fully loaded.
    • With small tray.



    • ABS.

    Product size: (LxWxH)

    • 20.3x18x5.2cm

    31002: Drinking Cup Holder Clip

    SKU: 31002
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