Hong Kong Original Design
Award-winning Patented Green Product

ZipZipBag is an eco-concept product with a minimalist design. It has many practical functions that are very useful in our daily life. It reminds us to bring our bag, reuse it, reduce waste, and make environmental protection more enjoyable in our everyday life.

Multi-Functional All-in-One Reusing Repurposing Design
slim eco-bag -> jumbo shopping bag
XL cooler bag  >  table mat
picnic mat  >  beach bag  >  beach mat
car sunshade  >  fashion bag
mommy bag  >  diaper changing pad

zipzipbag large_1.png

PATENTS: HK1202360, 2012203565363, 2012102549194, 2015200419890, 2021223593365.

How does it work?
Transform ZipZip™Bag from a slim bag to a cooler tote.

zipzipbag large1.png

(1) Open the slim bag.
(2) Press down the bottom corners to form a cooler bag with a square base.

zipzipbag large2.png

(3) Adjust the triangle size to change the cooler bag’s gusset width.

(4) ZipZip™Bag perfectly fits all types of groceries, thanks to its flexible size.

zipzipbag large3.png

Joyful Eco-friendly Picnic
Your picnic cooler is your picnic mat! Save time, no waste, protect our environment.

zipzipbag large open cooler.png

(1) Pull out the gusset corners. 
(2) Put the cooler on the table or grassland, and then unzip both sides.

(3) Layout food and dining wares on the mat.

zipzipbag large table mat layout.png

Material Matters
Sturdy and Durability, Thermal Insulation, Shock Absortion, Waterproof.

zipzipbag material_1.png

Modular Sunshade Flexibility
Fit small cars, family vans windshields, side windows, back windows.

ZipZip™Bag size L (90x70cm) fits most small cars' windshields and back windows.


2x ZipZip™Bag is a bigger sunshade (140x90cm) for MPV or SUV.


Fold half as a sunshade for side windows, ZipZip™Bag isn't just an eco-bag.


ZipZip™Bag is now available in L, M, and S sizes.



Unfolded size: 90x70cm

suitable for picnic mat, sunshade, large eco-bag for shopping, cooler bag for a picnic, art bag, dual-pocket magazine bag, etc.



Unfolded size: 78x50cm

suitable for table mat, sunshade, eco-bag, shopping tote, cooler bag, fashion bag, storage bin (fits IKEA Kallax shelf), tool bag, toy bag, work/play mat, etc.



Unfolded size: 50x35cm

suitable for a lunch bag, desk mat, laptop/tablet sleeve, mouse pad, work/play mat, toy bag, boardgame mat, etc.


Full-color allover printing your brands, beautiful artworks, slogans, or messages on ZipZip™Bag!

360 eyecatching embedded advertisement exposure everywhere!

⬇ ZipZip™Bag Large


⬇ ZipZip™Bag Medium 


⬇ ZipZip™Bag Small 



The Story

As our world gets more polluted day by day, we feel everyone has the responsibility to create something that can help to increase public awareness of our environmental protection.

ZipZipBag is created from the ground up based on this vital mission and responsibility. Our solution for an eco-friendly product is about selecting the more eco-friendly material and solving it from the fundamental of the problem: to reduce the chance of the product becoming trash. Our objective is to make people love this product, use and reuse it as often as possible, and repurpose it to increase the product lifespan as long as possible.

ZipZipBag is minimalist and creative. It wins awards locally (HKSGDA Green and Bronze) and internationally (SOLUTIONS at Ambiente 2106 Germany) thanks to the unique patented design, outstanding quality, and sustainable material. Transforming between sunshade, bag, and mat is quick and straightforward. 


ZipZipBag is for both men and women, for any age, and for indoors and outdoors. It is a multi-purpose product that can be used on many different occasions very often by everyone. This type of broad adaptation and frequent usage makes it one of the most eco-friendly products in the world. At the same time, it is very suitable to use as a cooperation gift to effectively expose their brand images and messages.

One of the most inventive elements of this product is the zippers on both sides, so we give it a fascinating name, ZipZipBag! It can replace all your large and small pouches, large coolers, and shopping totes. With these specially designed zippers on both sides and different folding methods, ZipZipBag transformed into different sizes and styles of bags perfectly.


To cite some examples:

1. When used as an iPad or book pouch, the padded material protects everything inside.

2. When used as a big shopping bag, the insulating material provides thermal insulation to avoid mist condensing outside the bag. It is of good quality, and heavy-duty construction makes it hold up to 20kg.

3. When using it as a sunshade, it's the most flexible one you can find in the market because it fits both large and small cars'' windshields and side windows.

4. When going to BBQ, the oversized style bag instantly transforms into a table mat by unzipping two zippers; simple, fast, and saving time and money.

5. When going to picnic or beach, links a few pieces ZipZipBag together to create a very long mat. You don't even need to take out beach toys and picnic food, and it's super fun!


The purpose of ZipZipBag is genuinely as much as your imagination and guide your creativeness to our environmental protection.