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Environment Protection By Teaming Up Business And Consumer

How many shoes are sold per year globally?


Over 10 billion! Alas, most of the shoe boxes are trashed! R3BOX's special design isn't just a high-quality shoe box. It's can be a poster for teams, brands, or sports stars. It can be a long term storage box and collector's box. 


We always have the choice to make better use of the resources, if we all reuse the shoe box instead of throwing it away, our world will have millions of tons of waste less per year. Do a favor to our environment, reuse the shoe boxes is simple but meaningful, and make reduce wasting our habit.



printed with sports star or brand artworks enhance brand and fan loyalty

Desk mat

shoe box open flat

becomes desk mat or mouse pad

IKEA Kallax series

perfect fit for one of the most

popular storage furniture

Storage boxes

reusing shoe boxes from

various brands of shoes


why spend money to buy storage boxes if we always can have it at no cost? 

  • the unfolded box is a poster or desk mat

sports star or team poster collection, hang on the wall or pad on the desk

  • the box cover is also a tray

safe & non-toxic material

can be embossed with a custom logo or artwork

  • R3BOX worth a place in your room

hold documents, books, toys, gadgets

it looks tidy and feels great on the shelf or wherever

r3box in ikea kallax
minimalist storage box
see through storage box
time capsule storage box
ikea storage box
storage box full color printed
eco friendly shoe box
clear storage box
box and mat
table mat with box
table mat with box
r3box shoe box transform to sports star poster
r3box shoe box transform to sports star poster
r3box storage box in Ikea Kallax
r3box in ikea kallax

Box body:

  • 3-ply corrugated E flute

  • one side 300g paper with matt lamination

  • another side with Russia imported Kraft paper

  • both sides can be inward or outward

  • thickness 2mm

  • size: 38x33x16cm

Box cover:

  • 2mm European / USA standard ABS plastic

  • size: 38x33x3cm

Box clips:

  • 1 box includes 4 clips (or locks)

  • standard food grade PP

  • optional bio-degradable PLA

  • size: 60x23x8mm (~2.5x1x0.3")

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