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Team up, and together do something good for our environment!


If you sell shoes, cakes, or whatever products that used to be packaged by disposable box, please consider use R3Box instead. You can order from us, or order from your existing box suppliers using our standard R3Box templates and requirements, either way that will give you the lowest possible cost. This part of our business is non-profit, our mission is to help industries to standardize the packaging boxes and rehabilitate our environment.  We invite you to join us, your decision will be crucial to our world and better environment for our next generation and all of us living in this planet.



R3Box also available in the retail version. We are seeking distributors in every country. Please contact us, promote reuse box & reduce waste, save the world, create tidier living places, and make profitable business together.

Patent Information - camp chair - school bag - cooler bag - backpack - luggage

Hong Kong Patent Number: HK1168980

China Invention Patent Number: ZL201210254919.4

China Utility Patent Number: ZL201220356536.3

PCT Application Number: PCT/IB2016/053763

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