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storage box
Environment Protection By Teaming Up Business And Consumer

How many cakes are sold per year globally?


Over 100 billion! While cakes make our birthdays and special occasions more fun and happier, almost all of the cake boxes are throw away; which means tens of billions of boxes are going to the landfill and our oceans.


Did you discover that each cake box is actually a piece of good memory and gift collection box for every that wonderful moment in our life?

storage box
storage box

clear cover

the cake is so yummy

by just looking through

the crystal clear cover

never so easy to unboxing

cake on the table mat

that's it, & enjoy elegantly

storage box

box locks are beautiful forks

made with plant based PLA​​

food safe and eco-friendly

storage box

reuse as gift collection boxes

cake box for collecting gifts from friends & family in any occasion


each R3BOX is a treasure box of your memory pieces


*The R3BOX cake boxes

on IKEA LACK series

shown in the photo.

3rd birthday cake

2nd birthday cake

1st birthday cake

2017 Christmas party cake

2016 Thanksgiving turkey box

retail version of R3Box


Box body:

  • 3-ply corrugated E flute

  • one side 300g paper with matt lamination

  • another side with Russia imported Kraft paper

  • both sides can be inward or outward

  • thickness 2mm

  • size: 28x28x20cm

Box cover:

  • 2mm European / USA standard ABS plastic

  • size: 28x28x2.5cm


  • 1 box includes 4 clips, which are also forks and spoons

  • standard food grade PP

  • optional bio-degradable PLA

  • size: 110x23x12mm 

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