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Environment Protection By Teaming Up Business And Consumer



R3BOX isn't just a product, it's a mission to promote better use of packaging boxes, and it's also a business model integrates both the non-profit product standardization and the sustainable product retailing. The R3 means "Reuse packaging box", "Reduce wasting" and "Rehabilitate our environment".


By seeking cooperation from businesses to use R3BOX instead of disposable box to pack their products, thereby to standardize the design and sizes of the boxes for various industries; and at the same time we also sell retail version of R3BOX to help general consumers to tidy and organize their homes better, more conveniently, reduce wasting, and slow down land pollution. R3BOX initially will available in a few sizes suitable to use as a shoe box, cake box, delivery box, baby box, and general storage box.

How many shoes are sold per year globally? (Over 10 billion, and most of the shoe boxes are trashed!)





minimalist design

simple, clean, & tidy

safe material

food safe, non-toxic, durable


3D box & 2D flat


clear or opaque cover

usage flexibility

coated, layered, or padded

cost flexibility

paper, fabric, or Tyvek



strong & flexible polycarbonate

for shield & protection

box main body

flute paper cardboard or PP board

shock absorption

thermal insulation & seperation


eco-friendly PLA

safe for human

good for environment

open flat & perfect

no gap, no hole, no flap

just a piece of perfect rectangle

Business Packaging

Consumer Reuse

shoe box / fashion box

gourmet / cake box

food delivery

board game / toy box

baby box

pet box

high-quality box

tidy living space

easy fold & pack

standard style & sizes

available worldwide

perfect match for IKEA/MUJI furniture


Where to get R3BOX?

R3Box Storage box

festival / celebration

gourmet delivery boxes

(reuse as document box)

cake boxes

(collect gifts every year)

shoe boxes

(also as sport stars poster & cards)

You can order additional R3BOX via our online store or from local distributors.


All sizes of R3Box used for co-branded packaging box are always available in retail versions; with solid color or designer collections.

From co-branded packaging box

Order retail version of R3Box

Business Advantages

buy packaging boxes at the cost

Consumer Benefits

more meaning than a free high-quality box

For products those are packaged with R3BOX, consumers can ensure high-quality reusable box and worldwide availability.


R3Box is more than just a box, it may become a poster from the shoe box, or reuse as gift box from the cake box. Sometimes, you may find two different products packaged with same style and size of the box, because they are all intended to help you maintain tidiness of your living place.


R3Box available in only one minimalistic style, with a few standard sizes. You may get more R3BOX by buying some products, e.g. shoes, cakes, food delivery, toys, etc.


Any sizes of R3BOX those we supply to businesses, they are also available separately as retail versions for consumers as well. Make it very convenient for everyone to order online or via local distributors. Therefore, you have the choices when you need more boxes in same style and size.

The mission of R3BOX is to promote environment protection by providing good quality packaging boxes for all kinds of businesses, manufacturers, and brands.


The best advantage is that you always have the lowest cost for the packaging boxes because the cobranded version is non-profit part of our business.


By using the box of good quality and innovative design, you give your customers convincing reasons to keep and reuse these package boxes. It helps to save the environment and to build your brand image and loyalty too.


Our future world environment needs businesses and consumers to team up to make it better, and we think business should lead this ambition because great power comes great responsibility. 

Teaming up

Teaming up for Win-Win result

R3box size

Initial available sizes

R3Box Storage box

XL = 2L + 4S


Suitable for

baby box

pet box

toy box

clothes box

S = XL/8


Suitable for

shoe box (kid)

cake box

snack box

M = XL/2


Suitable for

cake box

fruit box

gift box


L = 2S

Suitable for

shoe box (adult)

cake box

gourmet delivery

board game

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