Business Packaging

Consumer Reuse

shoe box / fashion box

gourmet / cake box

food delivery

board game / toy box

baby box

pet box

high-quality box

tidy living space

easy fold & pack

standard style & sizes

available worldwide

perfect match for IKEA/MUJI furniture

Where to get R3BOX?

From co-branded packaging box

Order retail version of R3Box

Business Advantages

buy packaging boxes at the cost

Consumer Benefits

more meaning than a free high-quality box

Teaming up for Win-Win result

Initial available sizes

XL = 2L + 4S


Suitable for

baby box

pet box

toy box

clothes box

S = XL/8


Suitable for

shoe box (kid)

cake box

snack box

M = XL/2


Suitable for

cake box

fruit box

gift box

L = 2S

Suitable for

shoe box (adult)

cake box

gourmet delivery

board game


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